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Life Coaching

Compassionate, intentional transformation

Coaching In Nature

Coaching in a forest or by the ocean

Retirement and Death Coaching

Navigating transitions with resilience

Amanda Griesbach, MA

You’re invited to your personal journey of transformation. The first step begins with you.

Coaching conversations are collaborative, powerful and full of possibilities. Grow your inherent confidence, insights, creativity and leadership capacities.

Coaching can help you have increased resiliency, self-confidence, focus, clarity, self-awareness and self-compassion, supporting you to live more authentically, with greater peace, joy and contentment.

Transitions and Change: Changing careers, marriage and divorce, a terminal illness or facing death, compassionate coaching conversations offer a safe space to explore these sensitive topics, allowing you to navigate changes in your life with more resilience.

What’s on your bucket list? As Mary Oliver asks, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your...wild and precious life?" Live your best life now.

With Good Karma Coaching, I can coach you to bring your courage, grace and strength to bloom in your life.

Amanda Griesbach, MA

Good Karma Coaching

Good Karma Coaching Services 

Karma means action, so things change through action, not by prayer, not by wish. ~ Dalai Lama

Life Coaching

Compassionate coaching conversations with powerful questions to encourage you to reflect on your opportunities, consider new perspectives, release resistance and pivot to new options to move forward in your life.

Coaching in Nature

Access the positive healing power of being in nature to nurture your spirit for more resilience, calm, creativity and connection. A gentle walk in a forest or at the ocean while having a supportive coaching conversation.

Retirement and Death Coaching

Compassionate coaching to gently explore next steps for retirement, a terminal illness or preparing for death. I offer coaching conversations to renew your resilience and peace.

Good Karma Group Coaching

We gather together to dialogue, connect, share and inspire each other. Four weeks of self reflection, transformation and personal growth through discussions and the collective wisdom of the group.

Forest Bathing

A guided gentle hike, mini-meditations and invitations in a forest, along a beach or sitting at a park bench to nourish your spirit and reconnect with nature for a profound, peaceful, grounding experience.

Transform and Thrive Retreats

Transform and Thrive mini-retreats for forest bathing can be booked for health and wellness retreats for businesses, organizations, groups or families and friends.

What Good Karma Coaching clients say

Amanda has a lot of wisdom. I feel both accepted for who I am and challenged to explore how I can overcome limitations. While we discuss my aims during coaching sessions, it feels as if her underlying aim is to help me lead a more joyful life while contributing my best in my personal and professional life. I always feel as if we have covered a lot of ground in one hour and I've reached some clarity.

Ardell B.

Vancouver Island, BC

What Good Karma Coaching clients say

Amanda Griesbach of Good Karma Coaching supported me through some incredibly challenging months this year during our global pandemic. Amanda led me through the facilitation of a very clear and systematic weekly coaching process while also showing up with full presence providing authenticity, kindness, compassion, sincerity, wisdom, and truth each and every week we spent together. It was such a joy working and learning alongside her, and I am forever grateful for her coaching support and connection.

Serena Klaver, MCP

Community Resiliency Planner


Amanda shares insights on her blog site. Visit Amanda's Good Karma Coaching blogs here.

Amanda supports diversity with inclusive, compassionate coaching, especially for women, multicultural and LGBTQ2+ communities.

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