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Creating The Life You Want

Using positive, strength-based coaching, we look at a world full of possibilities, knowing you have the inner resources to be creative and courageous.

May there be increased clarity, understanding, forward movement and lasting, positive ripple effects that come from your coaching session!

Amanda Griesbach, MA

You’re invited to your personal journey of transformation. The first step begins with you.

Coaching conversations are collaborative, powerful and full of possibilities. Grow your inherent confidence, insights, creativity and leadership capacities.

Coaching can help you have increased resiliency, self-confidence, focus, clarity, self-awareness and self-compassion, supporting you to live more authentically, with greater peace, joy and contentment.

Transitions and Change: Changing careers, marriage and divorce, a terminal illness or facing death, compassionate coaching conversations offer a safe space to explore these sensitive topics, allowing you to navigate changes in your life with more resilience.

What’s on your bucket list? As Mary Oliver asks, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your...wild and precious life?" Live your best life now.

With Good Karma Coaching, I can coach you to bring your courage, grace and strength to bloom in your life.

Amanda Griesbach, MA

Good Karma Coaching

Amanda’s Personal Journey

Coach, Educator, Artist, Author, Intuition, Conflict Transformation, Dialogue, Positive Ripple Effect, Activist and Advocate, Empath, Personal Growth, Green, Nature, Volunteer, Wandering and Wondering Spirit, Gratitude, Evolving, Transforming.

I have an open heart, curious mind, and passionate, creative spirit who loves nature. I embrace an inter-cultural understanding and an ecological approach to my own life and to my coaching, essential to sustainable and resilient personal and social change to make a difference in our world. Doing an intentional planned or random act of kindness is a daily spiritual practice.

Life is full of opportunities. I had wild dreams. I’ve overcome challenges and roadblocks, persevered, and taken big risks for huge rewards to fulfill my dreams.

When I was in my early twenties, my roommate told me he had a terminal illness with less than a year to live. Having an early awareness of the fragility of life changed me. Instead of working after my BA, I traveled overseas, taught English in Kyoto, explored over 25 countries and fulfilled my top ten wishes on my dream list.

In addition to my professional coach training, I have a BA in psychology and political science and a Masters in intercultural and international management, with a focus on facilitating dialogue. I've facilitated dialogues, multi-party environmental meetings and, for several seasons, I was a national park operator for one of the southern gulf islands in BC. I’ve led art and nature programs for children, youth and adults to explore their creativity and connect with nature. For five years, I organized beach clean-ups as one of my volunteer activities for preserving nature.

I play in nature with forest bathing, hiking, kayaking, cycling, boating and swimming.

Good Karma Coaching can help you uncover your blind spots, shift limiting beliefs and change negative patterns to positive healthy habits allowing you to access more confidence, creativity and resilience.

You are open to personal growth, invested in creating the future you want, showing up in the world, maximizing your capabilities and making a difference in what you do. You are committed, bringing intention to change, stretching out of your comfort zone, and devoting time and energy to your personal transformation. You seek your truest expression of your authentic self.

Transformations with Good Karma Coaching

Live The Life You Want

What Good Karma Coaching clients say

Amanda has a lot of wisdom. I feel both accepted for who I am and challenged to explore how I can overcome limitations. While we discuss my aims during coaching sessions, it feels as if her underlying aim is to help me lead a more joyful life while contributing my best in my personal and professional life. I always feel as if we have covered a lot of ground in one hour and I've reached some clarity.

Ardell B.

Vancouver Island, BC

What Good Karma Coaching clients say

Amanda Griesbach of Good Karma Coaching supported me through some incredibly challenging months this year during our global pandemic. Amanda led me through the facilitation of a very clear and systematic weekly coaching process while also showing up with full presence providing authenticity, kindness, compassion, sincerity, wisdom, and truth each and every week we spent together. It was such a joy working and learning alongside her, and I am forever grateful for her coaching support and connection.

Serena Klaver, MCP

Community Resiliency Planner


Amanda shares insights on her blog site. Visit Amanda's Good Karma Coaching blogs here.

Amanda supports diversity with inclusive, compassionate coaching, especially for women, multicultural and LGBTQ2+ communities.

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